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Hi, I'm Jess Dahlberg

Scale Up Coach & Mentor

Building a tech startup is hard! You, as a founder, face overwhelming stress and anxiety over everything from funding to fulfilling your mission while maintaining family life. The pace of product build feels agonisingly slow, and there's a constant worry about aligning your people with the urgency you feel.

In 2018, after 15+ years in the corporate world improving people's performance, I stepped into high-performance coaching. Working with founders, I realised that 99% of their challenges revolved around PEOPLE. This insight led me to expand my focus, to include a startup tailored program to harness the power of your people effectively.

Using my extensive experience, I devised 4 principles to overcome barriers to scaling up. Principles, because rigid frameworks don't work! Startups need a free flow of creativity and innovation, not stifling it. Take the founder who, within 12 months of completing our high performance coaching program, went from a 7-figure to an 8-figure business. Or AgriNous, who transformed its leaders and culture to expedite its growth trajectory in our Get Scale Up Ready program. 

At the end of the day, I believe in potential – yours, mine, and that of your startup. My journey started with leaving Sweden on a one-way ticket, raising not two, but four kids, re-establishing myself after 27 years of marriage, and following my inner compass to start my business. My path has been as challenging as it has been rewarding.

The depths of human motivation and resilience became profoundly personal to me. As a dedicated carer for my daughter during her severe mental health challenges, I faced the toughest moments of my life. Witnessing her transformation into a thriving young woman has deeply enriched my passion for unlocking potential.

Your startup's journey is more than just a business venture. It's a reflection of your dedication and resilience. 

If you're ready to become an investable founder and leverage your most valuable asset - your PEOPLE - explore our EVENTS

For fast problem solvers, reach out HERE to discover if we're a match.


Hi, I'm Jess Dahlberg

Our organisation has spent time working with Jess, closely with the leadership team, and broadly with our whole team.

Examining, tweaking, improving and uplifting each individual to give the company tools and a culture to hit new milestones and grow.

Not only has working with Jess helped the company, the program encourages and enables each participant to grow and be a high performer both inside and out outside of a workplace setting.

Personally, working with Jess has improved my perspective on a lot of areas, especially leadership. Her demeanour and approach to working together transcends the content on which her course is based.


Sam Bartlett

CTO, AgriNous

Jess has coached me for 12 weeks and helped me by holding me accountable to my word as she masterfully facilitated the process to get the best out of me in my professional as much as in my personal life. I fully vouch for Jess's sincere character, determination, and vast knowledge. Thanks Jess for being there for me.


Keenan Crisp

CEO, Foundations for Success

Jessica is an amazing person and brilliant coach, her coaching program completely transformed my approach. Now I have the energy and focus to drive my business forward and the skills to influence my perfect customer.


Asim Uddin

Co-Founder, IT Knocks

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Feeling overwhelm and stress as a founder makes the journey harder than it needs to be. Burnout must be avoided at all costs. Your focus is imperative for success! Take the quiz and find out how where you are doing great and where you need to up your game. Measure your scale up progress and take Action!

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