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Get Scale Up Ready

Avoid burnout, increased costs and a diminishing runway using a proven method. Find out how today.

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Hi, I'm Jess Dahlberg

Scale Up Coach & Mentor
It's about making you an investable founder and your startup a attractive investment. It's about building a foundation that prevents the cost of dealing with a poor culture and performance when you are at 50 staff. 
Your product is built by your people. Your biggest cost is your people. When you get the balance right between cost and performance you gain an unfair advantage. You scale with momentum, avoiding the pitfalls and burnout. Are you ready?
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How I Help You Get Scale Up Ready


We help start up founders avoid burnout using the worlds #1 high performance program.



We help startup's align daily tasks to the roadmap to leverage resources while extending your runway.



We blend our deep understanding of performance culture with individual motivation to create a scale up ready culture.



To scale up, leadership is an imperative, not an option. Creating scale up ready founders is at the heart of what we do.


How it works?

Simple Steps to Success

4 steps to see if we are match!

Ready to start?

Let's see if we are match! Your scale up success is our goal.

Jess's extensive experience in developing performance mean you'll walk away with insights and ideas. Best case, we will enable your scale up success!

Limited spaces.


Make a decision

If you believe you and your people are key to scale up success, then you are in the right place!


Schedule a meeting

Book a PowerHour to find out if what we do will put you on a path to scale up success. If not, we will tell you.


Show Commitment

Our care and commitment is always 100% and we expect the same from our clients so that progress is a given.


Show Case

We provide a show case study for our top clients to provide to potential investors to prove why you are an investable founder.


What our clients say

Partnering with Jess Dahlberg has been truly transformative for our business. Her unwavering support and strategic insights have helped us explore and synthesise our core values, laying a strong foundation for our growth.

Jess' passion for her work is contagious, and it has inspired and motivated our team to reach new heights. Her expertise in scaling businesses has proven invaluable, offering practical advice and access to a wealth of insightful content. One of the most significant benefits of working with Jess has been her commitment to alignment. She has reinforced the importance of ethical practices and integrity, guiding us towards whole-business alignment.

Her attentiveness to our growth journey has optimised our progress, ensuring we stay on the right path. As a result of our collaboration, our business is navigating remarkable growth with poise and insight.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jess as a coach to any business seeking transformative success with integrity. Her guidance has been a true game-changer, and I am immensely grateful for the positive impact she has made on our business.


Joel Rockes

Co-Founder, AgriNous

Jess is very intuitive, worldly and easy to work with. She’s patient and always manages to paint the bigger picture.

The process identified causes for underperformance and provided strategies and tools to generate the lifestyle performance results I required to continue excelling in business.


George Bancs

Chief Vision Guy, Talk5 / MAIN

I found Jess to be an empathic and insightful coach who helped me in significant ways to define my current mission, and to better understand how I am going to achieve it. She also gave me several practical tools that have already helped me in my daily life and interactions.


Howard Treisman

Co-Founder, Avoka Technologies


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